Living Life by Mattering, not Measuring

Living Life by Mattering, not Measuring I’m just giving this a try dictating from the treadmill. I had an idea for treadmill talks so that I could work towards my goal of walking or running 2018 km in 2018. I’m giving myself a couple bonus days at the end of December...

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It’s My Birthday and I’ll Cry if I Want To

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to. I often do. Cry on my birthday that is. It’s silly. But it’s true. So this year I thought that I would try to avoid the disappointment and loneliness that I often feel when no one is available to do anything because it’s...

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Merry Getting Ready for Christmas Ya’ll

Hey Ya’ll Yes, I say ya’ll and I live on the East Coast of Canada. It’s definitely not the ya’ll capital of the world, but it works for me. I know some of you will hate me for this, but Christmas is just over two months away.  Yup, I LOVE Christmas. I love the baking...

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What I call “The Overwhelm”

Does it ever happen to you? That you get so far behind, so far from your goal, that you feel like there is no point in even trying. I am not so good on dealing with what I call "the overwhelm" It freezes me up and I have a hard time looking at the steps that it will...

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Keep Calm + Float On!

The kids call it a swirlpool. Do you remember doing that when you were a kid? Going round and round in a pool until you created a current then trying to swim against it or letting it pull you around the pool. That's our life these days. Literally (Grammy & Grampy...

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Ask for What You Want. What Could Really Happen?

I have a client on the way to the studio right now and she texted me to say “what would you like from Second Cup?” It really left me feeling like I would almost be being rude saying “nothing thank you” (like I am too good for you and your second cup!) But how often do...

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Golden Rules.

Well next up on the blogging chopping block is a wonderful side trip to Golden, BC. We originally planned to go to to Golden so we could go white water rafting on the Kickinghorse River. I booked us a hotel, found out about Glamping, and then had a brain wave. Post...

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Canmore Alberta – A Vacation of Dreams + Sore Legs

We are just on the red eye home from Calgary and in common style there is no sleep for me on the airplane. I know its going to be a tough day with the kidlets at home and in hindsight i may not have picked this flight. However, we are here now, and instead of me being...

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The Adventure of Looking Back

Well it is way too early to be up on vacation in Banff  but I am WIDE awake. And this story needed to come out of my heart. I have said it before and I will say it again, I truly believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t always know the reason at the time,...

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