Last year was the first Awesome Life Retreat. A group of 28 of us got together and shared experiences, laughs and learning.

I cannot get over how amazing the group was that came together, and the amazing people and companies that supported us.

If you haven’t had a chance to check out the reasons behind why I started The Awesome Life Retreat you can check it out here.

I am going to give a full list of credits below but I amazingly thankful and in awe of all of the amazing contributors. It was amazing to step out and do something that I really felt we needed in our area, and that my heart was just wanting to pour into, and have it so well attended and supported locally! It’s a scary thing to move forward and do something new, but so worth it in the end!

2016’s retreat was held at Windhorse Farm on a beautiful April weekend. In fact we could not have imagined better weather to explore the beautiful trails and property and explore our hearts through learning!

This year we simplified and upgraded! This year’s retreat will be at Oceanstone and their kitchen staff will be handling almost all of the food as well as handling the coffee (Which for the coffee drinkers is a very very good thing!)  I wanted to be able to ENJOY the retreat with my amazing attendees and be present and not running around organizing food and setting things up and tearing them down and doing dishes. This place is simply amazing and I am in love with the venue and the people!

If you don’t know what to expect from the retreat and are on the fence, check out the photos below (taken by the Amazing Brittany of Hind Hart Studios! THANK YOU!!) and though this year will be different, it will give you a good idea of our vibe!

You can check out our tentative itinerary here (with just a few more details to firm up next week!) :

Awesome Life Retreat – Oceanstone Seaside Resort, Spring 2017


I wanted to  make sure to thank LAST YEARS contributors (Check out the link above for who will be a part of this year’s line up!) But below is a list of those who contributed to our first retreat!

Meals + Desserts Provided by :

EnVie – a Vegan Kitchen, Layers Cupcakes, Weagles Bakery, Kitchen Door Catering, Mike Crosby, Freshii Burnside, and MOI 🙂 (that’s a fancy way of saying me)

Amazing Speakers/Workshop Contributors :

Dr. Adrianna Wilson – Inspired Living Medical, Angela Van de Reit –  Life Coach- Engaged LivingMeghan Osborne – Awesome Woman & Arbonne Representative, Rebecca Dimock – Paper Chain, Lisa MacPherson – Scribbles and Script. Stephanie Kincade – Abundant Path Wellness.

We also had giveaways from :

Duly Noted, Paper Chain, Scribbles and Script, Harper & Honey, Halifax Cookie Cravings, Shauna Carter – Mary Kay consultant, This is Boudoir, This is Photography, Lure Chocolates, Abundant Path Wellness and all of our amazing speakers. Decor help from the Wedding Vogue and special shout out to Jenn and Emily for help the weekend of!