Does it ever happen to you?
That you get so far behind, so far from your goal, that you feel like there is no point in even trying.
I am not so good on dealing with what I call “the overwhelm”
It freezes me up and I have a hard time looking at the steps that it will take.
I realized how debilitating in can be with a simple example of an ikea vanity.
We opened the box today on a the vanity for the kiddo’s bathroom and there were hundreds of little pieces. Ok maybe not hundreds. Maybe a hundred….maybe less. Another symptom of “the overwhelm” things look bigger than they really are, or worse than they really are.
But the thing was, when I started just looking at one step at a time, it didn’t seem so bad. Not easy by any means, but less overwhelming.
Not looking ahead, just taking it step by step.
So many times in life I get overwhelmed.
Even with this Blog. I LOVE writing. I love sharing, but I also have this little streak of being overwhelmed with perfection. That I can’t make it gloriously perfect. If I don’t have the perfect pictures for a post and don’t have time to make them, that I shouldn’t bother at all. Or maybe there are so many things I want to post about.
But then I just get overwhelmed and instead of doing a little bit, I do nothing at all.
I realize there are so many areas of my life that I do this.
Fitness, health, homeschooling.
I get so tempted to just not start because it seems like too much.
I may have posted about this before but it’s going back to the basics.
I am doing this 21-day refresh and I am super frustrated that I am not getting the results I want. BUT its the RIGHT thing, its a step in the RIGHT direction. I will not let the overwhelm tell me that it’s not worth it because I’m not skinny in two weeks.
Homeschooling. I think about my daughters education, her future, the fact that I am not actually a teacher. And I get THE OVERWHELM. But then I take one step. I do make a volcano, tell stories or explore a historic site and watch them LIGHT UP. I will still pray that I am able to teach well, but I will not let today overwhelm me with thoughts of college.
Our new house. We want to be living there so much! But there is SO MUCH to do to have it ready. About a thousand little things. But each one needs to be completed just one at a time.
One paint colour, one order made, one call.
With work, the social media, the emails, editing, scheduling, bookkeeping, oh gosh just the list gets me overwhelmed. BUT like anything else, it’s only going to get done little by little, step by step, item by item.
And I will fight the overwhelm by praying, by doing and not just getting stuck in the list of all the things.